Carter Page gives interview in front of fake Arizona background – is he still in Russia?

This week, enigmatic former Donald Trump campaign advisor Carter Page appeared on a PBS News Hour interview to defend himself from the revelation that he was caught on a phone wiretap colluding with Russian intel agents during the election. This came as a surprise because Page’s last publicly known location was Moscow, suggesting he had already fled the country. He told PBS this week he’s Arizona – but he was standing in front of what appears to be a fake background that has been used before by other political figures.

Here’s a screen grab of Carter Page’s interview on PBS News Hour this week:

If your first thought was “Why is he standing outdoors in front of a mountain during a remote television interview,” we asked the same question. And if your second thought was “Does he look like he’s poorly superimposed on that fake looking background,” we asked that question as well. So we went digging, using a Google image reverse-search, and we uncovered this strangely familiar image of Arizona Congressman Trent Franks giving an MSNBC interview in 2016 in front of the exact same scene:

What the hell? You have to ask yourself the odds that two different people would give remote television interviews to two different unaffiliated networks in two different years, and just happen to be standing in the same exact spot and angle, outdoors, in front of a mountain, on two days that both just happened to be completely cloudless. Congressman Franks represents Arizona, so we trust that the scenery behind him is in fact of Arizona; we’ve reached out to his office to ask the precise outdoor spot where he may have been standing for this interview, or if he was merely using a stock Arizona background image to represent his state while he was in session in Washington DC.

Either way, how did Carter Page manage to end up doing an interview with a different network months later, in front of the exact same unlikely-looking background? Did he steal the background imagery from the Arizona Congressman’s interview, so it would look like he was in Arizona? Is Page still in Moscow, where he mysteriously traveled to in December and until now hadn’t been heard from since? Or is he indeed in Arizona, and this is some kind of phenomenally unlikely fluke of background image coincidence?

We’ve reached out to PBS News Hour to ask what they definitively know about Carter Page’s current location, and if they were simply taking his word for it when he claimed he was in Arizona. If you want to take a look for yourself, you can watch the Carter Page interview on PBS News Hour here:

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  1. Peter de Klerk on February 17, 2017 at 6:21 am

    I heard only one very tepid denial of meetings with Russian officials toward the end of this video. 90% of what he said was deflection and repeating the fake news mantra and “it’s all Hillary’s fault”. Why isn’t he going on bigger news outlets? Judy Woodruff was not very tough with him. Why didn’t she ask about his business ties? If, as is reported, he has an ownership stake in a russian oil company then how is it even remotely possible that he did not talk to russian officials?

  2. Rose Meade on February 17, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    But we all know that Carter Page bailed to Moscow the minute he got wind of his trouble. Page was a Merrill Lynch Investment Banker IN Moscow. He came to New York to open up a consulting firm–Global Energy Capital located right around the corner from Trump Tower. So, he can be in hollering distance with Trump.

  3. Kapono Kamuella on May 11, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    Carter Page is a wannabe. He is a joke. His interview with Chris Hayes today should not have happened. It was a waste of Hayes time. Page is just trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame, he has nothing to contribute so he does not answer any questions. He’s not credible and an embarrassment as an academic.

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