Donald Trump’s bumbling attorneys are destroying him faster than we can

The Resistance has been working to take down Donald Trump’s presidency for as long as it’s existed. The Special Counsel and other investigative bodies have been working to take him down for months as well. But with each passing day we’re seeing increasing evidence that Trump may be finished off by his own bumbling attorneys before the rest of us can make it happen.

Today it was attorney Jay Sekulow, whom Donald Trump appears to have hired after he saw him plugging a deranged book on Fox News. Sekulow went on ABC News and tried to scapegoat the Secret Service of all people for Donald Trump Jr.’s collusion meeting with Russian government officials. That went over so poorly that the Secret Service put out an immediate statement refuting the claims (link). This is just a few weeks after Sekulow made his Trump defense debut by appearing on Fox News and talking in such self-contradictory circles that host Chris Wallace was led to sigh “Oh boy, this is weird.”

Of course just a few days ago, another Donald Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz was caught making profane threats against a stranger who had emailed him. This is the same Kasowitz who made his original Trump defense debut by spelling “president” as “predisent” in the very first sentence of a legal document. And then there is Trump’s original attorney Michael Cohen, who is now being questioned by Congress about the role he may have played in Trump’s Russia scandal – prompting Cohen to hire an attorney of his own.

Now Donald Trump is hiring his latest attorney, a man whose name is incredibly Ty Cobb, and who looks like a barkeep from the Old West. Perhaps Cobb will prove to be a good attorney; we’ll see if he blows it like his counterparts have. But up to now, Trump has hired the least competent attorneys imaginable. That’s what happens when you’re a poor judge of character to begin with, as Trump is, and you’re also a guilty lunatic who’s known for not paying his bills. When it comes to hiring attorneys, Trump is choosing poorly among options that are bad to begin with.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report