Steve Bannon admits Donald Trump is totally screwed in the Mueller probe

It’s still unclear what made the good folks at 60 Minutes think that it was appropriate to give national airtime to Steve Bannon, a white supremacist who is suspected of having treasonously conspired with the Russian government to rig the election in Donald Trump’s favor. Now that Trump has fired Bannon, he should simply be ignored. But because he was trotted out on national TV tonight, one of the things he said turns out to carry great weight.

We’ll spare you the full recap of the Steve Bannon interview, because by now you’ve either watched it, or you’ve made the conscious decision that you don’t care to know the full extent of what he said. So we’ll get right to the point. Charlie Rose asked Bannon about Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. Bannon was initially evasive, but as Rose went on to allege the various things that Bannon had allegedly said about the firing, Bannon ultimately acknowledged them as being his own words.

The upshot: Steve Bannon thinks that Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey is the biggest mistake in “modern political history.” As he goes on to ultimately admit when pressed, Bannon agrees that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation only exists because Comey was fired – and that the “breadth” of the Mueller investigation is much greater than what it might have otherwise been under Comey. Bannon may only be acknowledging this in an attempt at making his counterparts (including Jared Kushner) look bad who advised Trump to go ahead with the firing – but in the process he’s giving away a lot here.

In short, Steve Bannon is admitting that Donald Trump is totally screwed as a result of firing Comey. Further, by referring to the “breadth” of the Mueller probe, Bannon is rather thinly alluding to the investigation into Trump’s finances and business dealings. Bannon surely has more intimate knowledge of Trump’s various financial crimes and just how deeply they run than just about anyone – and he’s acknowledging that those crimes are what will take Trump down.

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