Alt-left whackjob Robert F. Kennedy Jr teams with Donald Trump to sabotage vaccines

Robert F. Kennedy Jr is a liberal Democrat, and he’s the son of the late great Robert F. Kennedy, and he’s the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, so he’s got to be one of the good guys, right? That’s why some liberals were shocked today to learn that RFK Jr is officially teaming up with Donald Trump to sabotage vaccines, due to their shared fictional belief that vaccines cause autism. But why is anyone surprised at this? Have they not seen Robert Kennedy’s whackjob website The Ring of Fire?

If you paid attention to The Ring of Fire during the course of the during the 2016 democratic primary, you’re well aware that the site spent more time trying to smear Hillary Clinton in the name of liberal purity than it did scrutinizing the historically awful candidates on the republican side. She was a flip flopper. She couldn’t be trusted. Sure, it came around to her in the end. But that site basically wrote the script that Trump used against Hillary in the general election, and Kennedy was certainly too politically savvy for this to have been explained away by some kind of naivete, or not knowing how much harm his site was doing.

While Robert Kennedy didn’t write these articles, it’s clearly his website; his picture is right there front and center at the top of its homepage. And it’s been public knowledge for some time that Kennedy is a complete nutjob when it comes to vaccines, he once compared them to the “Holocaust” (his word not ours). And what we’ve learned from The Ring of Fire is that Kennedy is perfectly willing to rip the left apart for the sake of pushing it toward the fringe.

It’s been public knowledge for some time now that Robert F. Kennedy is a fringe leftist who’s willing to go to any harmful or dishonest extent to push his fringe leftism. There’s still a lot of debate as to whether the alt-left exists, which is to say that the left is plagued by its own nihilistic wackos who happen to hold leftist views but not in a remotely rational manner. If there is an alt-left, RFK Jr is unfortunately the poster child for it. So of course he’s teaming up with Trump in a manner which both normalizes Trump’s extremism and pushes a deranged agenda. If you’re surprised, you haven’t been paying attention.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report