Al Franken 2020

SoI have to preface this with saying I’m 100% behind the #MeToo movement, well maybe 99%. And I only say 99 because like some semi-critics of the movement, I agree that there are degreess of sexual assault. Like for one, someone in a higher position better play it straight down the line when it comes to fraternizing with the opposite sex. And of course even between colleagues on the same level any unwanted sexual advances is a no means no situation.

But Al Franken falls into neither of those categories, even if he did try to get an actress to kiss him for a play – and I’m saying “if” – but if he did, I’m sure if she had said “no way,” he wouldnt have forcibly grabbed her and made her. Another thing about this whole #MeToo movement that some say is that it wouldnt have come along without Trump, without such a loathesome creature thay gave all these women someone to fight against, but thats where it backfired with Franken.

He was the fighter. He was the one who fought the hardest against every Trump appointee, and did it with grace backed up by facts the appointees themselves didn’t know. He was the one that got Jeff Sessions to perjure himself, which led to his recusal, which ultimately led to the appointment of Robert Mueller. So I know he took a dumb pic of a sophmoric joke, but he was the best we had. Just look how he handled it, asking for self investigation. And I for one just think it’s a shame that he cant run now.

Al Franken would’ve ran for President in 2020. He would’ve won. He would’ve been a great President. And now that’s all gone. Love ya, Al.

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