Trump-friendly con artist caught plotting inauguration violence so protesters would be blamed

From a perception standpoint, the very worst move that Donald Trump’s detractors could make during his inauguration would be to get violent in some fashion, thus painting themselves as being an unreasonable menace. It’s part of why none of those protesting against Trump would even so much as consider resorting to violence of any form. It’s apparently also why James O’Keefe, a con artist whose activist groups have received donations from Trump, was plotting inauguration day violence and seeking to blame it on protesters.

O’Keefe is best known for his role with the conservative group Project Veritas, which released doctored and dishonestly labeled videos during the campaign aimed at smearing Planned Parenthood and others. This time O’Keefe and his network were offering to pay anyone who would show up and stop the inauguration from happening, by either physically disrupting the ceremony, or forcibly shutting down bridges.

But O’Keefe’s strategy backfired, because liberal groups The Undercurrent and Americans Take Action took him up on his offer, only to secretly film their meeting, catching them in the act and so it can release the video to the public. For now only a minute long segment of the video has been released, but it’s damning.

There is no specific evidence that the plot was in any way being funded by Trump, but O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has received donations from the Trump Foundation. Huffington Post has more details. You can watch the video below:

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report