“This is serious:” Greta Van Susteren pushes Trump advisor hard in MSNBC debut

In the days since MSNBC announced it was giving a weekday primetime show to former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, the move has largely been met with derision by the network’s viewers. Social media pushback ranged from accusations that the network was selling out to Donald Trump’s base, to confusion as to why popular weekend host Joy-Ann Reid was passed over. But in Van Susteren’s debut episode on Monday night, she ended up hitting Trump advisor Reince Priebus in perhaps surprisingly hard fashion.

It’s not as if the entire interview with a bare knuckle brawl. It was not. But with so many cable news hosts on various channels allowing people like Preibus to dodge questions or outright lie on Trump’s behalf, it was notable that Greta pushed back the hardest on an issue which many of Trump’s detractors consider the most serious of his scandals: Russian hacking.

Even as Priebus tried to blame Russia’s election meddling on the DNC, Van Susteren instead demanded to know whether Trump would be upholding sanctions over the “mischief the Russians have imposed on the American people.” She then circled back regarding her own use of the word mischief, suggesting it wasn’t a serious enough word, because “this is serious.” You can watch the interview by clicking the play button on the video below:

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report