Senate hearings for racist Jeff Sessions interrupted by protesters dressed as KKK

Suffice it to say that the Senate confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions are not going well out of the gate. Sessions, who has a long history of supporting institutional racism and sexism which has put him on the wrong side of history and made him a target of outrage and protests, found himself hit hard by questions from Senators from both parties – and then protesters entered the chamber dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes, accusing him of supporting the group.

Law enforcement ended up removing the protesters from the chamber. But the Senators themselves nonetheless proceeded to grill Sessions over his dubious record. It wasn’t surprising to see, for instance, Democratic Senator Al Franken ask questions aimed at exposing Sessions’ long record of racist policy. But it was somewhat more surprising to see Republican Senator Lindsey Graham go after Sessions over Russia.

Graham asked Jeff Sessions if he believed Russia was responsible for the election hacking. Sessions refused to answer one way or the other, in an apparent attempt at protecting his would-be new boss Donald Trump, who was the direct beneficiary of the Russian meddling. In responding to Sessions’ silence, Graham delivered what may have been the line of the day: “I’m not saying they changed the outcome, but it’s pretty clear to me they did.” The hearing are ongoing, and are airing on live television. But for Sessions, they’re not going well.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report