Jason Chaffetz’s largest donor is an illegal pyramid scheme that does business in Russia

Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz has spent years using his position as the Chair of the House Oversight Committee to investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails in politically motivated and specious fashion. Yet Chaffetz has shown no interest in investigating any of Donald Trump’s numerous scandals, including his illicit ties to Russia. That may be because Chaffetz’s single biggest donor – an illegal pyramid scheme to begin with – does business there.

It’s long been documented that Nu Skin Enterprises has been funding the election and reelection campaigns of Jason Chaffetz so thoroughly and for so long that the company all but officially owns him (source: Open Secrets). On the surface it makes logical sense: Nu Skin is a Utah based company, and Chaffetz is a Utah based politician. But it turns out there’s much more to it. Although you may have heard of the Nu Skin brand, the company itself is little more than a pyramid scheme. In fact it’s been busted by the federal government for being a pyramid scheme, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in penalties. But that’s just the beginning of the problem.

Not only is Nu Skin a pyramid scheme, it’s an international one. For instance, in addition to being busted the the U.S. government for being a stateside pyramid scheme, it’s also been busted by the U.S. for corrupt business practices in China (source:Reverb Press). But here’s the kicker: Palmer Report has discovered that Nu Skin also runs its pyramid scheme in Russia and Ukraine.

We know this because Nu Skin has a verified Facebook page (note the blue check mark) which is titled “Nu Skin Russia and Ukraine” and is specifically dedicated to expanding into those two nations. If Jason Chaffetz were to use his House Oversight Chair position to dig into Donald Trump’s illicit financial ties to Russia, could it end up exposing Nu Skin’s own attempt at expanding its illegal pyramid scheme into Russia? Is this the reason Chaffetz is refusing to allow any form of Trump-Russia investigation, even as so many of his Republican colleagues in Congress have moved forward with it? After all, Nu Skin essentially owns Chaffetz.

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