Report: FBI raid in Annapolis is just the first of numerous Trump-Russia warrants being executed

In the wake of Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey to try to sabotage the Trump-Russia investigation, a number of political insiders predicted last night that the FBI would strike back in a major way today (link). Sure enough, the FBI just raided a GOP fundraising firm in Annapolis (link). But word is now that this is just one of numerous Trump-Russia warrants that are being executed.

One of the insiders whose sources correctly pointed to today’s FBI action is Democratic insider Claude Taylor. In the wake of the Annapolis raid, he’s now sharing the following: “Source in legal community reports large number of Warrants from Eastern District of Virginia being executed. By the FBI. Source reports frenzy of activity inside the EDVA, large number of agents, US Marshals. The battle has been joined” (link). He goes on to add more details about the goings-on at the Eastern District Court of Virginia, which Comey recently confirmed is working with the FBI on the Trump-Russia investigation.

“The basement of the EDVA was described as resembling a “judicial Armada” with a dozen or more FBI and US Marshals vans,” Taylor states. He goes on to add that the name of the GOP firm that was served with Warrant in Annapolis is Strategic Campaign Group” (link). Palmer Report has not been able to independently confirm that Strategic Campaign Group is the one being raided, and the original report of the raid from NBC affiliate WBAL did not mention the name of the firm being raided.

There are multiple Republican Party fundraising firms in Annapolis. But it is worth noting that Strategic Campaign Group has received scrutiny from the Federal Election Commission in the past (link). In any case, we now wait to see what these other warrants are and where they’ll be executed. Help fund Palmer Report

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