David Letterman rips into Russian puppet Donald Trump, gives nicknames to his pitiful advisers

David Letterman is back, at least for an interview, and he’s taking no prisoners when it comes to Donald Trump and his band of advisers. Letterman is ripping Trump for being nothing more than a Russian puppet. And he’s particularly laying waste to Trump’s various advisers, assigning them derisive nicknames and beyond.

Letterman opines that Trump’s bumbling White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is “a boob who just got out of a cab and now here he is.” Steve Bannon? “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Stephen Miller? “Wow, that guy is creepy. He fell out of a truck.” Kellyanne Conway? “Then they had to counsel her. Boy, if this administration decides you need counseling — whoa.” But the former Late Show host saved his sharpest barbs for Donald Trump himself.

“I’m sure the Russians groomed Trump,” David Letterman says. “They gave him tips: ‘You want to be an authoritarian dictator? Sure, that’s not a problem. We’ll tell you how to do it, for God’s sake.'” He also rips into Mike Pence’s homophobia, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for being a Russian water carrier, and other members of the Trump administration. Then he rips Steve Bannon again, saying he “looks like a guy who goes to lunch, gets drunk, and comes back to the office.” So does Letterman like anyone involved? Well, yes, sort of.

Letterman opines that “Alec Baldwin deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom” for fearlessly lampooning Donald Trump each week on Saturday Night Live. “Sadly, he’s not going to get it from this president.” Read the full Vulture interview with David Letterman here.


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