CIA, FBI, NSA now say Russia may have compromising information on Donald Trump

Moscow, we have a problem. The leaders of the United States intelligence community have uncovered evidence that Russia may have compromising information on Donald Trump – which has been long suspected by the media and the public based on his years of business associations with Russian bad actors – and they’ve briefed both Trump and President Barack Obama on the matter. Those briefings came jointly from the heads of the FBI, CIA, and NSA, underscoring just how serious the matter may be.

Because the intelligence involved is classified, the details have not been released to the public. But CNN has the general parameters of the story, in which Russia dug up information on both Trump and the opposing Democratic Party. But instead of releasing it all, the Russians leaked everything they had about the Democrats in order to sabotage them in the election, leaving Trump to win – so they could then proceed to blackmail him with the information they’ve dug up on him.

The Russian dirt on Trump is being characterized as “compromising personal and financial information.” But while the FBI is still investigating the matter with its Russian sources, it apparently makes for such a severe national security vulnerability that the heads of the entire intelligence community decided make the briefings now. And someone involved with the process apparently thought it was relevant enough to the public to leak the generalities of it to CNN today as well.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report