Annapolis firm raided by FBI has ties to Steve Bannon

When the FBI raided a Republican fundraising firm in Annapolis this week, just two days after Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, questions abounded as to whether the raid was in response to the firing. Those questions still lack a definitive answer, and the FBI is unlikely to comment on the matter any time soon. But it turns out the firm in question has ties to Donald Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon.

Palmer Report’s own internal research was able to connect the dots between Strategic Campaign Group, the firm whose offices were raided by the FBI this week, and former Donald Trump campaign advisers Paul Manafort and Roger Stone (link). But it turns out that’s not the only connection between the firm and Trump. Sarah Smith, an attorney, did her own digging and connected the dots between Strategic Campaign Group and a company called Cambridge Analytica, which was being run by Steve Bannon until he took over the Trump campaign (link). And there’s more.

Beth Brigham, a publicist, was able to connect the dots between Strategic Campaign Group and Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal casino (link), which just happens to be the same casino that the Senate Intelligence Committee has taken a keen interest in this week due to its 2015 bust by the Treasury Department for money laundering (link).

So the connections between the firm raided by the FBI and the investigation into the Donald Trump campaign have turned out to be quite prolific. None of this means that the firm was raided because of these ties; there is the theoretical possibility that it could be part of an unrelated investigation. But we’ve already debunked the claim made by the president of the firm that the raid was related to Republican politician Ken Cuccinelli (link). So now we wait to eventually find out just what the FBI was really up to with its raid. Help fund Palmer Report

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